Monday, December 12, 2011

Teaching with QR codes

QR codes are hot items these days.  QR stands for Quick Response codes.  They are being used all over the place these days for marketing to give "additional" information on products.  The codes can be lined to webpages, text, pictures, lots of things!  Just google "QR code generator" and you can find lots of sites.  I like to use to shorten URL's and make QR codes.

Of course teachers want to tap into this technology.  This article from Edutopia gives 12 ideas for using QR codes in a classroom.  My favorite is to have students build a 21st century resume.  My current business card is a QR code leading back to my Linkedin profile. 

Another great idea is to use a QR code to show examples of quality work.  I've used them to display book lists and summer assignments for our AP and IB students.

Now on the flip side, I've read several articles about QR codes not catching on with the general public.  If someone doesn't have a smartphone, I'm not sure how a person could read a QR code.  And at my school, kids have phones in large numbers, but even so, I did a survey using a QR code and only had about 40 responses.  Several kids asked, "What's that cool design?" 

I love to keep abreast of current trends and this is one to watch.  Will QR codes catch on?  Or is this a passing fad soon to join the Beta video players?

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