Sunday, December 18, 2011

100 posts

Well today isn't a regularly scheduled bloging day, but I have a milestone I want to celebrate--this is my 100th blog posting!  I have only been working on this blog for a few months and I've already reached 100 postings. 
I enjoy this blog--it gives me a creative outlet to write and it's showing me what it's like to be a "professional" writer.  I put that in quotes because while becoming a writer is my goal and dream, I have no illusions this blog is professional.  When I have a bogging spot on School Library Journal or another educational publication, then I'll call it professional!

 I am learning some important writer's tools.   It forces me to write on a schedule instead of when I want.  And it's helping me to learn to structure a topic --in this case,  literacy education-- rather than posting whatever strikes my fancy.   (Okay, so the Year in Legos wasn't really on topic, but it was so darned cute!!!)

And I hope in some way I've been able to share with some in the literacy community--teacher-librarians, teachers or other educational professionals.  If you've read this far, thank you for your support and interest.

Here's to the next 100, and the next and the next.....

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