Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fewer students reading for fun

I found this news article from Ottawa, Canda about a report showing fewer children read for fun these days.  The article points to standardized testing as a major culprit.  Teachers spend so much time "teaching the test" that the fun of reading gets lost along the way.  The research shows by 3rd grade students are losing interest in reading--which at least in Texas is about the time students start preparing for our state tests. 

Another point from the article that got my attention was this line: "The report points to a reduction in the number of teacher-librarians as a one reason for the decline." Oh really, you think??

I'm afraid of what we will see in the future.  And I'm not trying to sound like one of those old ladies who complains about the younger generation-- you know..."back in my day.....".  But I am concerned with the stress on kids and teachers with testing and the way districts are considering librarians as dispensable, reading skills will start to deteriorate. 

This quote from the report echoes what I think:
“Regardless of form, reading for the joy of it, for its capacity to broaden our horizons, use our imaginations, think creatively, understand ourselves and others better … must be a vital component of what we encourage in our schools” ...

So as we approach our upcoming winter breaks, we should practice what we preach.  I intend to read several books for fun.  I have three I've started and need to finish as well as one for a review.  What are you planning to read over your break?

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