Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seth Godin

I have started reading Seth Godin's blog and receiving his newsletter.  The man has some good advice and he has a way of going straight to the point.  I wish I could be so eloquent and straightforward in my writing. 

His latest newsletter concerns what I think is the best description of the problem with SOPA I have read.  He talks about the availablity of information on the web and how especially music is benefitting from the "all access" idea or, as he calls it, Ubiquity (great word--that I had to look up to define!).  Now the movie folks are trying to get into the business of limiting access to the web through trying to promote SOPA.

Better than trying to explain everything he's written, I think I will just let you read his eloquent words at his blog -- the Domino project.

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