Monday, February 20, 2012

Presentations with Prezi

Tired of sitting through powerpoint presetations? Want a cool tool for your next big meeting? Want to dazzle an administrator and get your message out there? Try using a Prezi instead of powerpoint.

Prezi is a unique presetation tool--it allows you to move around the page and highlight different areas of your screen.  The basic prezi tool is free to the public, but if you use it a lot, you might want to look at the subscription version with more bells and whistles. 

The free version would be great to share with your students for a project--book chats, biographical information, country facts....anything that might go to a powerpoint can go on a Prezi.  There's even information on the Prezi page about "Prezifying your Powerpoint."

So you can see what I'm talking about, here's a great example of a Prezi put together by a friend of mine.  She was asked to give a presentation about her library and the digital tools available.  Take a look and see if you agree with me--this presentation has a professional look and feel to it and it's way more fun than sitting through another "death by powerpoint" type of presentation!

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