Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book reviews

Normally I try to keep this blog more professional and post topics of interest to language teachers and librarians. But today I have to blow my own horn. This month SLJ published not one but two of my reviews! I get exited when I see one in there but two of them was awesome!

They published my review of Spy School--very cute story about a math geek who gets invited to the CIA training school. Only it turns out to be a little more than advertised. My other review was a book called Perfected by Girls, a story of a female wrestler and the trouble she has at her school due to her choice of sport. Both are good books, ones I think would appeal to teens.

I'm just excited to see both in print at once! Now if I could just find a way to make some money as a reviewer.....I would be ecstatic........

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