Friday, January 6, 2012

World Book Night

I heard about World Book Night in the UK last year.  Well, now it seems that World Book Night is coming to the US.  On April 23, 2012 one million books will be distributed and given away for free across the United States in an effort to encourage reading.  You can sign up to be a book giver here

You can choose from 30 different titles and you will receive 20 copies of the book.  The only stipulation is that you must give them away to people who might not normally read a book. 

For me this will be easy!  I put down two choices of books--the Hunger Games or Friday Night Lights.  Either one would go over big here at my school so I hope I am chosen to hand out books. I can already think of 20 students I would give them to.   Here is the listing of all the titles available.

Sign up today--I already have!

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