Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Using Pinterest in the Library

So I recently discovered Pinterest thanks to my daughter. This has to be one of the biggest time suckers on the web!!! I love the site but I'll get on it and an hour later, I realize what I'm doing--which is still looking at pictures!!

The site is basically an online bulletin board. "Pinners", or users, can "pin" pictures, videos or basically whatever to the boards--sort of the way I use my refrigerator door at home. The major demographic user of Pinterest seems to be young women--lots of weddings and baby pictures are pinned to the site.

But companies are just starting to see the power of the site. And so are libraries. I found this blog listing some ways libraries can use Pinterest. I actually never thought about using it for school, but it's a brilliant idea. I would need to make a separate account because I don't want my personal information available and attached to the library site.  But that's the same thing I've done for Twitter and Facebook so it's no big deal.

But I could make a board to highlight new titles.  I could make a board for student reviews or to highlight my library aides and their reading choices--sort of like Barnes and Noble does with their "staff picks."  I could make one for research sites.  The more I think on it, the more possibilities come to mind.

Try it and if you do, let me know what sorts of boards you come up with.  But whatever you do, don't look at any recipe pages!  You'll be there the rest of the day......(yeah, ask me how I know that........)

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