Thursday, January 26, 2012

TED talks

So am I the only person who is just now figuring out how valuable this site is?  I've heard about TED talks and seen a few videos, but oh my goodness!  The wealth of information available on this site is overwhelming. Short videos from experts in whatever field about new ideas, explanations of old ideas, new uses for current technology-- you name it, it's probably there!

@TEDtalks is the Twitter feed to see what new information is being posted to the site.  And @TEDNews is their general Twitter feed of information.

I'm not sure the site would be something you would want to use with students but for professional development, it's priceless.  Whether it's something you want to know or you want to share with your teachers, check the TED site.  Each video listed also has a transcript of the video so you can get a quick overview of the content without watching the whole thing. 

I also have downloaded the app to my phone so I can watch some on the go.  Guess I'm getting a bit obsessed about this site!  Check it out and see what you think.

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