Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Using Google effectively

I read a lot of articles from Mashable--a site devoted to new ideas in cyberspace. And I found this great infographic on using Google properly. I think I might make it into a poster to display in my library.

The page covers all the basics like using quotation marks, not asking full questions and the Boolean terms. But I especially like the section that says to be sure not to rely on Google alone--you need to check library databases as well.

Too many students these days just try to find information through Google and that's it. This article says that less than 25% of students can perform a well executed search.  And especially for academic research, the results can be less than spectacular.   Students don't seem to realize there's tons of info out there just waiting to be found but it's sorted and indexed through a database.

Hope this helps you too!

How to Use Google infographic from Mashable.

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