Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tag Team Tech

Okay so today's a "two-fer" posting day....I get so excited sometimes with the material I run across I want to post it right away so 1. I don't forget! and 2. so you can share in my excitement!

This is a posting from Joyce Valenza--one of the library world's blogging geniuses.  In her post she talks about using Twitter as her Personal Learning Network.  And I must admit, everything she says is spot on. 
Joyce Valenza -- Tag Team Tech

I use Twitter more and more for professional development and professional reading suggestions.  I don't use Twitter for the "follow the celebrity" type of tweets, but people like Joyce Valenza and Buffy Hamilton have shown me some invaluable information.  I can sift through their tweets--following up on topics that look interesting (most of the time) and ignoring ones I don't want to read (not that often!). 

Check out this article and see what you think.  And if you haven't used Twitter yet, give it a try.  You can sign up for free and just sort of lurk around for a while till you figure it out.  I would suggest you sign up from your computer using the Twitter website and then pick it up on your smartphone.  I get irritated trying to do things like that from my phone....but that's a whole 'nother rant......

And if you sign up for Twitter, follow me @dlpierce2.  See you in the Twitterverse!

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