Thursday, September 15, 2011

Falling SAT scores

When I began this blog, I promised myself I wouldn't get all political or use this forum to scream about the current lousy state of education in my state.  My goal was to share information with other educators.  However, in our local paper today, an article caught my eye and I had to write a letter to the editor.  I am usually fairly quiet and calm, but this whole issue just makes my blood boil.  So please forgive me today if I sound a little bit like a rabble rouser......

An article published in this month’s School Library Journal is entitled “Something to Shout About: New research shows more librarians mean higher reading scores.”   Wow, what a concept…but wait a minute, Texas is cutting librarians—school as well as public--due to budget issues.  According to the article “…students in states that lost librarians tended to have lower reading scores- or had a slower rise on standardized tests-than those in states that gained librarians.”  The research also shows states that gained librarians showed an increase in scores at twice the rate of those without librarians.  When students are taught “an authentic lesson by a certified librarian, scores are impacted and learning takes place.”

So with great interest, I read today’s article “SAT reading scores fall to lowest level on record.” Am I the only one who finds this ironic? Governor Perry?  Legislators? Texas school boards?  Are you listening?  Why are the SAT scores dropping?  Seems to me to be a simple correlation.  And I’m afraid we are only starting the worst of the decline. I think in a few years Texas will see the true results of our current budget fiasco and considering SAT scores are already at the lowest point, how much further can our students  fall?

So what do you think?  Do you agree with me?  Or am I just being a rabble rouser? 

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