Monday, September 12, 2011

Show some razzle dazzle to your students.

I mentioned QR codes.  I thought you might like a simple tutorial on making one for a website.  This is so easy that I hesitate to tell you---you might think I'm hiding something---just kidding!!  But this really is so simple and will make you look really snazzy to your students, their parents and your staff.

Take a website--I like to use my LibGuides for various projects.  Copy the URL.  Go to the URL shortener  Lots of these sites exist but I'm just partial to special reason. 

Paste your URL into their shortener.  You can make a customized URL if the keywords you choose haven't already been used.  Once you have your short URL, go to the Info+ link--there's your QR code just waiting for you to cut and paste it where ever you want!

Lots of QR code generator sites exist.  Some allow you to use text or pictures for the QR code.  I'm still using the websites at this point.  I still think the best use for QR codes for me right now is to help students find project LibGuides.

I would love to see some examples of how other librarians are using QR codes--anyone willing to share?

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