Monday, March 26, 2012

Library spaces

You know I try to use my blog for good positive sharing of educational information of interest to teachers and librarians.  But once in a while, I just need a place to vent my own personal concerns.  Today is one of those days. 

A little background.....I work in an old school.  The physical building isn't large enough for all the students who attend the school.  The gym, the cafeteria, the library--none of the common spaces are big enough.  I understand the need for us all to work together and be creative with the use of space.

But these days I'm beginning to feel a deep resentment at the way the library space is seen in the building--especially by our administrators.  I've lost two large storage areas all ready and yesterday I found out I stand to lose two more.  It wouldn't hurt so much except for the fact that I have asked and asked to rearrange our circ desk.  Doing so will mean we have to run some electrical and cable wiring.  And I keep getting turned down because it "costs too much." 

Moving the desk will open up the library and allow better traffic flow as well as allow me to rearrange our computers into a better teaching arrangement.  But no one above me understands that.  But they do seem to think it's okay to pre-empt library space and use it for another purpose, whether I'm in agreement or not.

I'm seen as "not being a team player" when I fuss about losing our storage areas, but no one thinks my ideas for improvement are valid.   My administrators think all I do is check out books and harass kids about missing ones so why should we bother rearranging things?  I don't know how else to show the importance of the library to this campus.  I send stats every six weeks on every possible number I can think of; I've shoved my way into our IB program to coordinate and improve our extended essays, and I've volunteered for every committee I can find.  I'm at a loss where to go next.

 My library coordinator suggests talking to students and video taping their responses.  That's one good idea I haven't followed up on yet.  I suppose when I'm not mad any more, I will be able to think better, but right now, I'm just hurt and angry.  My assistant always says we should just lock the doors one day and let the admins deal with the fallout.  Maybe she's right, but in my heart of hearts, I just can't do it.... to the kids or the teachers.

So to anyone out there in the great me out!  How can I show the importance of this library to my admins?  I welcome any and all suggestions.

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